Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Malpractice

Todd N. Hendrickson, P.C. represents the medical malpractice victims of nursing home abuse and neglect in St. Louis and throughout Missouri and Illinois. When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you are trusting that they will receive the best care. Unfortunately, statistics show that the best care is not always given. Too often the homes are understaffed and inadequately funded. Proper background checks are not run on personnel. Those that are hired are inadequately trained.

Commonly, we see situations where the elderly are clearly neglected and basic care is not given. Severe bedsores are often a sign of neglect and can lead to sepsis and death. Failure to give the proper medication in the proper dosage is often seen, as is the failure to monitor, resulting in falls and life-threatening fractures. These cases involve a unique blend of medical malpractice, negligence and other areas of law.

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