Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Malpractice

Properly performed, hip, knee and other orthopedic joint replacements can bring freedom from pain, increased mobility and a renewed ability to enjoy life to many people of all ages. However, when poorly performed, the result can be much worse than the condition that led the patient to seek joint replacement in the first place.

In order to prosecute these cases, it is important that your attorney have a thorough and detailed knowledge of the underlying conditions and injuries that lead to joint replacement, the types and variety of orthopedic prosthesis used in joint replacement and the proper techniques and procedures used in performing these complex surgeries. St. Louis medical malpractice attorney Todd N. Hendrickson has spent a significant percentage of his practice focusing on this area of medical malpractice and has developed the detailed knowledge necessary to evaluate and prosecute these cases.

If you suspect that you are the victim of medical malpractice involving a joint replacement, contact St. Louis medical malpractice attorney Todd N. Hendrickson.

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